What Others Are Saying

What participants in Rita’s Group and
Private Coaching Sessions are saying…

“Just wanted you to know how much I really appreciate everything that you’ve made possible. I find my life now to be in stark contrast to my “previous life”. So much comes easier, my health, fitness and relationships with my kids, husband and meaningful friendships. Once I changed what I felt about my life, I was able to appreciate everything more and make good things happen more effortlessly. I am proud of everything that is happening, and it feels all very magical to me. I have managed to make myself a priority.
Thank you Rita.”

-R.G., mother of 2, entrepreneur/artist

“I just wanted to let you know I have had a wonderful week since last week and lots of the conversations both on the [LOA Network Group Coaching Program] call and with my buddy have been resonating with me. My buddy and I have talked several times and have so much in common and also so much that we can learn from each other so thank you for buddying me up with her. we also have been emailing every night our three things we are thankful for and our intention for the next day – it has been working well for both us of since we are accountable to each other to do it each night and also enjoy keeping the awareness alive each day. I had an aha moment with a word that has been resonating with me during meditation – FORWARD – I feel like I am ready to let go and tumble forward into the unknown. Also the woman that joined today mentioned wanting to be bigger in her life and I was just saying that last night to my husband something like I am ready to think bigger and play in the big game now. So thank you again I am truly enjoying the calls and experience.”

Linda, mother

“Finding Rita was an answer to my prayers! She is genuine, relatable, and really knows her stuff. I took advantage of her free consultation and was amazed at her ability to give me clarity and insight on issues that had been weighing me down heavily for a very long time. One would have to have an absolute passion for this kind of work to be so right on the mark as Rita was. All I have to say is Wow!”

-Tina, mother, healer

“I wanted to thank you for the class, I was able to attend. You truly have a gift for helping people get to the core of the issue. I felt like I had been struggling with my guilt on this issue for over 10 years and I couldn’t figure out the root of it. Through your true concern and your incredible gift you were truly able to help me pinpoint what I need to do to free myself from that part of myself holding me back in many ways. I know you are doing what God intended you to do in this life and it was amazing that in one class I was able to realize exactly what has been bothering me that I just couldn’t put into words. With your help, just putting it into words and then giving me exercises to help overcome this, was half the battle I have been fighting these many years. Thank you so much.”

-Robin C., mother of 5, entrepreneur
“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your helping me … on the call last night. Thank you for the gift of your time, help and encouragement. I truly appreciated your softness, your words of wisdom, your clarity, your spirit and your love Surprisingly (at least to me), I made a huge decision last night that I have no doubt was the result of the time I spent in your presence and today, I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Thank you so much!!”

-Bonnie, entrepreneur

“I live in the miracle of manifesting dreams for myself and others everyday, I was aware while listening to your message and then reading you book, that you know and believe in the miracle and the nature of our lives.

Thank you for being there, and for having a message to others that is filled with a hope for a happy and abundant life. My message for anyone who comes to know you is to be open, you know about that which you speak, it is all true, it is all there. The only caution that I would give is: Patience is required to find the truth within you, but it is well worth it.”

-Reason R.

“Rita has used her extraordinary insight to help me push past my stumbling blocks.
I am already successful in many areas of my life, but I have not been giving myself credit for it. Even though I have had difficulty seeing to see myself as a winner, Rita has held a vision of me as a successful author, especially when I’ve been unable to do so for myself.

Working with empathy and kindness, she helped me see that my accomplishments have value and made the connection between this and what I am creating with my writing. Rita helped me see how those other achievements affect my writing career, encouraging me to move forward. And this has made the difference for me between triumph and failure.

I feel tremendously blessed to have this powerful teacher in my life.”

-Gayle M., mother of 2, author “What if…?”

“Rita….I simply can never thank you enough for giving me “me” back, its opened me up to a whole new world and I an very grateful for the experience and having the good fortune to know you and work with you….a huge giant thanks….

I am so much more enriched and see it with family. I can be such a big procrastinator, you have definitely enabled me to make leaps with my life…I love being around you and our group..I’m always inspired and approach everything I do from a different angle and pass this onto others when I am able.”

-Vanessa M. – mother of 2, artist

“You’ve helped me to believe in myself- to access my power and potential that I’ve always known was there but because of my fears, I couldn’t consistently access it. Now, I’m doing something that I will stick with and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

-Carolyn S.