Do You Believe that to Experience Living in Abundance You First Need to Earn One Million Dollars?

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I’m Rita Desnoyers-Garcia and I have discovered the secret to living in abundance.

Extraordinary Abundance Book

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Not too long ago, I thought I needed a million dollars to be living in abundance. Our family was not poor by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought a pile of money would solve a whole bunch of problems I was experiencing.

I wouldn’t be trying to stretch every dollar. I wouldn’t have to make either/or decisions with my money. I wouldn’t be stressed so much. I would have more time with my family, my husband would be home more, I would feel more free and confident.

Heck, I could be “super-Mom” and because I’d be exercising more and buying the latest clothes, I’d be the wife who my husband could not resist!
In short, I’d have it all.

So, I decided to start my own business working long hours, taking courses, and rushing through the tasks that I felt would bring me my million dollar empire that would save my family.

Meanwhile, everyone in my family was not so thrilled. I realized that I was killing my family (and myself) thinking that I was saving everyone.

I fell into a crisis that led to the biggest transformation of my life. It allowed me to delve into what I really wanted in my life…and it wasn’tmoney.

What I discovered was that most people think that if they have a million dollars, THEN they would feel secure, at peace, powerful, and…living in abundance. However, it has become more and more evident thatunless some major fundamental changes in your thinking and feeling are made, the more money you make, the more you want. It is never enough.

In this most recent economic climate, it is obvious that going for the millions does not make one happy or abundant. We have been taught that one goes with the other, but it is really all backwards.

I wanted not the money itself, but what I perceived that the money brings with it, a feeling of freedom, peace, security, joy, confidence, power…in short, abundance. So, I started from there.

How do I feel like I am living in abundance?

How do I start living in abundance before I have the million dollars?

How do I live in a place of abundance so that having a million dollars is no longer a necessity to me, but the cherry on top of the sundae in my life?

After studying and experimenting with different tools and techniques to increase my experience of feeling as if I am living in abundance, I came upon a startling discovery- I AM Abundance.

That truth shifted my experience- it was like reading about love versus being in love. It was the difference between meeting a powerful person and being that powerful person.

And here’s the clincher: Once I started to not just feel abundant, but BE abundance in my life, I not only experienced all the feelings I was trying to generate if I had a million bucks, but I started attracting abundance, in all forms, including money, into my life…and I wasn’t even trying! I didn’t need it anymore to feel good yet it came to me over and over. In fact, people were insisting on giving me money– it was their pleasure!

I knew that I was onto something huge and that my greatest joy in life is sharing this discovery with others. Others like you, who just like me, are searching for the answers of why abundance was not coming and how to access and be living in abundance once and for all.

If you want to feel at peace, powerful, and abundant, you must be able to access those feelings inside yourself before any of the outside treasure makes a significant difference in your life. You must feel like you are living in Abundance before you attract Abundance.

Extraordinary Abundance: Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Uncover the Richness of Your Life reveals not only how to access those abundant feelings, but how we have the power to BE this abundance in our everyday lives.

I’ve let you in on all of it:

How understanding who you really are can shift your consciousness radically in the direction of feeling Abundant.

That our very nature is one of Abundance itself and that there is evidence everywhere to prove this!

That there are 3 major ways we have blocked this abundance from us and we don’t even know it!

And most importantly, the 10 most powerfully effective, yet super simple ways of uncovering our Abundance and experience it every moment of every day!

All the tools, techniques and tricks that I personally have used and continue to use to access, attract and be Abundance in my life.


In addition, if you choose to understand how to be Abundance in your Life with this book, you will not only receive this knowledge, but you will receive a FREE online course to experience your living in Abundance in a very personal and private way!

Imagine what it would be like to experience living in abundance every moment of every day? Imagine that your life is so rich that having more money is not even in your top 5 list of desires? Then imagine that in this experience of richness you start receiving more abundance with virtuallyno effort on your part?

How much would that kind of life be worth to you? Priceless, right?

Normally, when I present this type of information to clients, it takes a bit of time and hundreds of dollars, but I am offering both this book and the online course for a one time investment of only $10.99, if you want the print book.  

Price: $10.99
( If you’d prefer the e-book, then pay what you want!  It’s my gift of abundance to you.  If you feel you want to give a gift in return, then please do!)


Why am I practically giving this information away? Because it is the truth about who we really are. It is your birthright to live in abundance. And I want you to have the opportunity to understand and experience what you came into this world knowing…that you are naturally abundant and abundance itself.

But, you don’t know me. I understand that you may feel it is a little strange that a mom of three is offering something so big to you. I would feel the same way. So, I had a bunch of people read my book and use my online course. Here’s what they had to say:

“Thanks to Rita and Extraordinary Abundance, I am truly uncovering the richness in my life. Putting these ideas and exercises into practice is exciting and instantly life-altering. Talk about instant gratification!”

C. Smiley

“Extraordinary Abundance is a truly beautiful book. We ALL have such beauty, power and love inside of us and as Rita says when we begin to truly understand this and release the trying and neediness words and old beliefs out of our minds it will also be release out of our experience. This is a beautiful book with words of Truth that will allow you to see HOW to love in the NOW and allow your life to become EXTRAORDINARY”

Michele Blood co author with Bob Proctor “Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness.”


If this feels like the right step for you to access your own true innate Abundance, please take this opportunity to order your e-book and receive this knowledge immediately.


With appreciation always,


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Price: $10.99

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