February Telecourses- Release, Reclaim and Receive!

Last Saturday, I held my monthly Law of Attraction Workshop and I manifested a sold-out venue. It was something that I wanted for a while and then let go of. The great thing about it was that it wasn’t something I needed to happen. It was fun, but not necessary for me to have fun. That’s an important distinction. If you need it to happen, the Universe has a lot harder time bringing you what you want. If you can let go and have fun, you get so much more. The energy you are putting out is totally different. Relaxed enthusiasm and being OK wherever you are.

So, if you are desiring a situation for yourself, letting go of needing it can make a big energetic difference. Experiment with that and see how it feels to not need your desire to happen. See if you can feel what you want to feel without the manifestation being seen physically.

Ready for more Law of Attraction?

If you’ve attended my LOA workshop or someone else’s and want to understand and experience how to use LOA effectively in your life, I’m offering a 4 week Law of Attraction TeleCourse this February. The course includes: 4- 1 hour weekly group coaching sessions, weekly meetings with someone selected for you from the course (your “buddy”) and weekly check-ins. In addition, any LOA workshop I do is complimentary for you. Also, any private coaching during the time of the course is 25% off. Also, you get complimentary access to my monthly Lunch Talks (this month’s is about how we put obstacles in our own way on Feb 17th).

Check it out here.

Ready to Release and Reclaim your Power?

I’m really excited about this new telecourse I offering this month. It’s all about releasing what’s holding you back and reclaiming your power. I’ve learned and used quite a few releasing techniques over the years and had success with all of them. I found a new one that I’ve been using that has been highly effective for me and my clients in not only letting go of what no longer serves us, but also taking back the power hidden in that place. When you take back your power, you move differently, you act differently, you are different. Therefore, your outside world can only be different as well. You become more of who you really are and the physical world corresponds to that new energy. It really is the key to it all!

So, here’s the deal. Since this course is brand-spanking new and I’m using some material in a new way, I’m offering this course to a limited amount of folks for a special investment.

It’s 4 weeks of 1.5 hour weekly group coaching focusing on this new and other releasing techniques, plus a buddy to practice with, and a weekly check-in and exercises. These 4 weeks is being offered at only $120. This is the only time where I’ll be offering this course at this price and I’m only taking 10 ripe and ready participants.

So, if you are interested in this class, where you can focus on releasing what no longer serves you and reclaiming your power and who you really are- this is your opportunity to take advantage.

I don’t have this course up as an official event as yet. If you are interested and ready, email me at rita.desnoyers@gmail.com or go to “Contact” and I’ll send you the details.

No matter what, remember that there is always more and there is always love for you here.


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