A New Chapter

I was in yoga class this morning and the instructor, my friend Judie, was talking about Autumn.  It’s a new beginning. It’s a time of shifting, letting go, rooting.  That’s been my life for about two months now.


I’ve been clearing out, cleaning out almost every space in my home.  I started with kids’ cubbies and am now working on my work space.  I’m putting out the 5th pile of donations tomorrow morning.  It feels good and right.  I can’t not do it.  For a while, it felt a bit obsessive, but it’s now it’s slowed down to a daily manageable pace.  It was akin to sorting through what I was to take with me on a move and what I was letting go.  However, I’m not moving to a new home.  I’m creating a new home.  I’m accessing more space and rearranging spaces to have them resonate where I am at this moment.


I’ve also been sorting through what I eat, what products I use, and where I invest my time, self, and my money.  I’ve stopped using shampoo and deodorant.  I use vinegar, water, and essential oils for my hair.  Dr. Bronner’s soap for my body.  I use coconut oil for moisturizer.  Everything is being reconsidered and I’m focusing on what is essential.  Most of the time, it’s not what I’m being told to use, but what feels right.  Yes, I’m getting down to the essentials of life.

However, I’m not struggling or begging or dumpster diving or sacrificing.  Nothing wrong with any of that.  At this time, it doesn’t resonate.

I’m also playing with how I run my business.  I’ve read Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein this summer.  It filled in the gaps of my desire.  It’s influencing how I offer my products and services.  I’ve been offering some of my services as “gifts” where the recipient is invited to return with a gift of gratitude and appreciation.  It feels good and yet is challenging.  It’s pushed me to get clearer about what I’m really asking for and what I’m really offering.  It’s demanded me to say “I am giving you a gift of love.  When you receive this and feel the love.  I invite you to return with a gift of love and appreciation.”  It’s the love and appreciation that I invite.  It’s not a specific dollar amount.  It’s all from the heart. And yes, at times, it is challenging me to stay heart-centered.  To know my value regardless of the response.  To work with those who truly appreciate and love the interaction.

So, it’s a new chapter in my life.  Life with more meaning, more value, focused on what really matters.  It’s definitely has challenges but it’s not anything that I don’t feel will be resolved or rewarded.

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