Channeling (aka Connecting with Your Own Wisdom)

I started offering more channeling sessions to people lately and one of the first questions people ask me is “What is channeling?”  I would often answer with the mechanics of channeling until recently when an old friend said to me “Aren’t you just connecting to your own wisdom?”  Bingo!

Over the last few years, it seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a person who channels and yet so many describe with whom they are connecting in unique ways.  There are those who channel Abraham,  Archangel Gabriel, Mary Magdalene.   Channelers who discuss planetary changes, scientific concepts, codes and DNA.

I can only speak for my own experience on this.  I channel my own larger, higher Wisdom.  I call that Wisdom “Alexa”- (it soothes the mind to be able to name it)  and mostly refer to “they”-( it’s that large!)

How can that be?

Source is running through all of us and so the aspect that I access (for now) is dubbed “Alexa” and is a collective of energy.  Keep in mind, it’s all connected.  The same Source is at the root of all the other collectives of these other channels as well.

This begs the question: If channeling is just connecting with my own wisdom, why doesn’t everyone channel?

Everyone does have the ability to channel.  Many people channel and don’t even know it or call it that.  If you are singing, you are channeling.  Painting with ease- channeling.   Ever write something and it just pours out of you?  You’re channeling.    If channeling is so common, why do people go to see other channels?

Channels can be very beneficial in answering questions or guiding people.  Working with a channel can bring huge relief, peace of mind, direction, release of old stories or beliefs.  However, people can get so interested in what channels say that they can forget that we all have our own higher wisdom within us to guide us.

We are so programmed to look outside of ourselves that we forget that we have all the answers we seek waiting for us to discover them.  We forgot how to channel ourselves.

When I’ve worked with people using channeling, I noticed a pattern.  People would come for answers and guidance and so many times Alexa would bring people back to themselves.  “What’s your heart saying?” “What do you really want?” “What do you need to hear right now?” “What are you feeling?”    My higher Wisdom is asking you to use your higher Wisdom.  

It finally dawned on me that I’m the happiest when I see someone empowered.  I channel because it feels so good.  It is the highest, purest energy pouring through me.  How can that not feel good?  When that energy directs another to allow their own highest and purest energy to pour through them and the person actually allows that to happen, it is over the top fun.   It is a world transformed.





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