Consider This…About Being Yourself

We are often told to “be yourself” when growing up and yet so many times our society demands to be something else completely.

It can get confusing to a young person and still today, it puzzles me why the contradiction continues.

Our society demands that we be great at sports, great at math, great at writing, and great at socializing. However, not everyone is great at all this stuff. To feel the pressure to be all things to all people is certainly far from being ourselves.

Being ourselves is being at our best. We all possess extraordinary qualities and abilities that are unique to us as individuals. When we are being ourselves, these inner strengths are exhibited in the greatest way.

Imagine if all of us could express these great extraordinary qualities. We would become extraordinary ordinary beings.

Being ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to society and the great gift to give ourselves.

Experiment: Ask yourself this question today: Am I being myself in this situation? Am I putting pressure on myself to be anything but totally me?

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