How “Bad” Feelings Can Be “Good” News…


So, you’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for a while and you get the idea from your teachers or friends that it’s really important to focus on the positive, good feeling thoughts.  Dwelling on the “bad” or “negative” thoughts or feelings just keeps you stuck or spiraling down  creating more negative stuff in your life.  Sound familiar?


Here’s the deal.  Having “bad” or “negative” feelings is not a death sentence (or a “bad” thing).  In fact, welcome it!  It’s  cause to celebrate!  (Maybe not now, but soon..soon).


The “bad” feeling is your friend- it’s letting you know that you’re feeling separate from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self ( Big YOU) is cool with it all, but that “small you” gets frustrated, jealous, angry etc. by your “reality” and experiences separation and discord.  It’s not in harmony with Higher Self and so you feel “bad”.


Having a feeling that is less than positive is simply an indicator of where you are on the vibrational scale.   It’s just information.  Information for you to use, if you want, in a few ways.


One way to use this information is to know where you are.  As in, “I’m feeling anger.  Here I am, in Angerland.  Thanks for the sign, Universe!  Now I know  where I am, at least.”  Allow yourself to feel the anger.  Really feel it.  You are alive and one way to know that is to feel what you feel.  It’s is where you are and that’s OK.  It doesn’t make you a failure or a phony or less than.  It’s part of being a human being.


Acknowledging your feeling alone is really important.  It’s the first step in allowing it to flow through you and not get stuck in it.  Judge it if you want to stay there.  Have compassion for yourself if you want it to run its course.


The next way to use your negative feeling is to say “OK, Anger, I appreciate your appearance  and I’d like to let you go when I’m ready.”  In other words, your Higher Self has brought you here so you know where you are and to release what no longer serves you.  In fact, your uncomfortable feelings are often covering up most of your power. (Thought that may be an incentive for you to stay with this “feeling your negative feelings idea”…)


Here’s where you get to take advantage of all those release techniques you’ve learned.


Haven’t a clue how to release an emotion?  I’ve collected a few over the years that I like (Contact me for information on Releasing).  You can find them online as well (ie Sedona Method etc.)


In a nutshell, releasing has three steps.  Welcoming in the feeling (that’s the acknowledging part), observing the feeling and/or asking yourself if you want, can,  and  are ready to let go, and then letting go.


Once you let go, see how you feel.  The same, different, better/worse?  There may be more there to release or not.


Once you’ve released, look at the situation again.  What does it look like?  Do things seem clearer?  What action would you take if any, to move forward?


Remember to befriend your “negative” feelings.  Love them.  They are there to help you discover and experience the powerfully creative being who you are.






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