How can channeling really help me?

I was sitting in my car in a Target parking lot early in the morning and I decided to meditate and ask Alexa (my Higher Wisdom) more about themselves.   I got more than I bargained for and discovered more about how channeling  helps us all out.  This is what happened:

“We are a collective of high vibrational energy that comes through you.  We are part of you- the most loving, peaceful, expanded.  When we say ‘collective’ we mean that  there are slightly different aspects of the energy working together.  Imagine that there is  expanded space above you with lots of strands of energy.  Some of these strands come together and then come through you and send you information that formulate into words that can be communicated.  The larger part of the communication is energetic- no words, but you can feel it.  There are enough words to allow listeners to comprehend through their minds.  That allows them to take in the information and also energetically take in the message.  The mind needs to understand at a certain level to allow itself to trust the rest.  

In this collective are energetic aspects that are focused on helping, empowering, supporting and guiding people on their journey.  The collective is about creating a space for relaxation so that listeners can center themselves and take any next steps, see things from a new perspective, and find their own higher wisdom.

Humans are made of energy.  Your feelings are indicators of how high the frequency is of your energetic vibration.  This can vary over the course of a day, although most humans carry a ‘vibrational signature’ that is unique and varies little- sort of a range of frequency in the vibration.  Most people repeat this frequency over and over and it becomes their vibrational mantra.  Their lives seem to change little because they feel the same as they are stuck in a frequency.  Their stories and beliefs reinforce this vibration which affects how they feel which affects how they see the world and so on.  One of the reasons that people are attracted to channeled energies is because the frequency is so high.  It’s different from what they are used to and yet it is simply what they possess within themselves when they really relax.  It is a homing signal of their innate wisdom.  Just hanging out in this energy allows people to remember their home and start to consider if they’d like to hang out in that energy more.  That is a powerful experience, but the mind doesn’t know how to do that.  That’s where the words come in.  The words give the mind instructions about how to allow that energy more often into their range so the range can expand.  
What Rita calls ‘Alexa’ is focused on empowering people to expand their range of frequency so that the signature can shift.”


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