Out of the Box Love Experiments- Weeks 2 and 3

I’ve been immersed in a 4 week course that I created called “Out of the Box” Love Experiments.  It’s designed to illuminate where you could be opening up more to love and where you may have blocks or resistance to love.  So far, it’s been a great experience for me and a friend who volunteered to take this course with me.  I’ve had feelings of euphoria, resistance, shifting, bravery, and silliness.

The first week was about loving yourself (see last blog entry).  Week #2 was about loving those who are close to you and Week #3 was about loving strangers.

I decided to focus on my immediate family.  I wrote love notes to each of my children and stuck them on their pillows.  Then, I wrote one for my husband.   The process was really fun for me and I felt like I was filling up with joy as I wrote each note and then delivered it.  I’ve never thought myself a gift-giver, but this activity fit well.  The response was really positive and felt like the cherry on top of the sundae.

Week #3 was about loving strangers.  We were going on a family trip and we stopped at a diner.  As we settled in at the booth, I silently sent out loving energy into the restaurant.  After about 30 seconds I happened to be looking around and noticed hearts hanging from the ceiling.  I didn’t see those hearts until I decided to focus on love.  I wondered what else I don’t see when I’m not allowing myself to be in a loving a place.  The next day was Valentine’s Day.  My daughter cut out hearts and I wrote little love messages in them.  We hid them around the condo we were renting for the next occupants to discover.  When my husband and I went to eat dinner out, we left some hearts on seats around the restaurant for others to find.  I have to say- this was a lot of fun!  At first, the ego wanted others to know who sent the hearts, and then I let go of that and it felt really good to be anonymous.  I found myself smiling more at folks, letting others pass, being friendlier than usual.

These experiments have really opened me up in unexpected ways.  I look forward to Week #4…Loving those who have hurt me.



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