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Yesterday, our family went to see Hugo. It was rich with themes of love and loss, secrets, and transformation. It was also about filming making in its infancy. My kids were so inspired that today they are creating and performing in their own movie. Each one of them is a character with a rich back story and they even gave me a part- “the mean aunt” (not sure I like that characterization, but I’ll take it). It’s all in good fun.

As I watch them create I am struck about how this is how life works. We create the characters who we play, have elaborate costumes, interesting dramatic plots, reactions based on our back story-maybe even a happy ending. And, like the characters in the play, we don’t know it’s a play. We think it’s completely real.

What if you could live your life like a play? What if you could decide what your character would do or say or think about what’s happening? What if you could create and live your life the way you really wanted? Impossible? Consider this…

The main reason that you think it’s impossible to live your life in a new way is because you were told it’s impossible. You’ve been told that you have no control or influence over your circumstances and that your circumstances dictate your life. The opposite is true. What you believe dictates how you see your circumstances, what you do in your circumstances, and even what your circumstances are in many respects. In other words, you can change how your see your life if you know how.

You can decide that outside circumstances are not what dictate how you feel, but that how you feel dictates how you live your life. And you can learn how to perceive your feelings in a new way. Not something to “need” or “dread” but indicators of how aligned you are with what’s True about you. What would life be like if the outside no longer mattered to you so much and that you could be at peace with all your feelings? The words freedom, peace, and joy come to mind.

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