I never knew that this would be so powerful…

There are times in my life and in my practice where I get blown away by some tool or piece of information that comes my way. And, after studying and experiencing my life the past few years, I know it is no accident. We get what we need when we need it. In other words, if these words don’t resonate with you, that’s cool. If you are reading this and saying “Hmmm there may be something here for me.” you are ready for more.

I’ve been using releases (tools to support in releasing emotions and stories that no longer serve us) for the past few years. Each time, I’ve been surprised by how effective they are in clearing the way for better things in life. Sometimes it takes some practice and sometimes it’s immediate. I’ve gathered a collection now and use different ones as I need them throughout the day. I know they are effective, but sometimes, as the mind does, I forget how powerful they are.

Then, I got an email from a client who was taking the Release and Reclaim course I currently offer. The heading was “Incredible Break-through”. It said “I spontaneously decided to try out tonight’s release. It was the most powerful release I have ever done, and even more than with my therapist after a devastating forest fire, and subsequently a car accident. Anyway, I started with clearing one thing , and many other emotions came up. I kept trying to ask permission to let go and more things came up…I was an incredible break-through.”

I was blown away. When you are ready, ripe, and willing to even experiment with a tool like a release, miracles can happen. Your life feels better, your kids seem better, your spouse seems nicer, you have more energy, you feel more yourself.

If what this person wrote inspired or intrigued you- you may be ready to let go as well. The next Release and Reclaim Course start Friday, March 9th in South Orange. If you’re not located in NJ or want to take the course via teleconference, just connect with me at rita.desnoyers@gmail.com.

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Law of Attraction 101 Workshop: The Basic Essentials is Thursday, March 1st at 12 noon-2:30pm in South Orange. If you are interested in a teleconference of this workshop, please contact me at rita.desnoyers@gmail.com

The Law of Attraction 101 4 week Teleconference Course starts Tuesday, March 6th at 9am-10am via teleconference.

The Release and Reclaim Course starts Friday, March 9th from 9am-10:30am in South Orange.

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