About Rita

After working in New York City as a social worker for 10 years, and having a family of 3, I hit a major crisis in my life.

Looking back it made total sense that I would have a “good life” in many of the material ways: husband, three kids, suburban lifestyle in a decent neighborhood, but felt miserable!

My view of the world was that you gotta keep struggling, keep working hard, and never be satisfied. Don’t get too happy because something terrible may be coming and you gotta be prepared. And that’s what I created…over and over again.

I’ve struggled for most of my life with everything! Never had “enough” money, my relationships were complete drama, I never liked what I looked like, and I was forever on the search for my dream job, that never quite materialized. If something did come easily to me, I’d feel guilty over it and then it would never be that way again. More struggle.

Things got better over time. I got married, had kids, and a mini-van, but there was always something missing. Now, I felt like a failure and guilty at the same time!

On top of it, I had a clue about what I needed to do to improve things, but I’d never do them. I would sit and think “if I had started that 5 years ago, I’d be so cool right now.”

After going through this major crisis a few years ago, and as I was picking up the pieces of my life again, I started working with a life coach, read books, watched videos and went to conferences about the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws.

The things I was learning blew my mind and I began to implement some of the steps that various teachers and gurus were showing me. I got some great results, but then I’d hit a snag and it seemed like I kept moving forward one step and back two.

BUT I had a great resource at my finger tips…

I realized that what really kept me going and building and enjoying using the Law of Attraction to my advantage was continuing to work weekly with my coach.

Having contact with someone who understands how this all works keeps you focused, lined up, and resonating with what you ultimately want to create.

And indeed, it has, as I have a fantastic life. I get to express my passion as my career, I have 3 beautiful, loving children who are teaching me everyday, and a to-die-for husband who blows my mind with his understanding and support. We live in a beautiful neighborhood, in a wonderful home, with caring neighbors. I could go on, but you get the picture. I have and continue to create and attract everything I have dreamt of in my life and more!

As I learned more and more about how to effectively go with the Law of Attraction versus against it, I started to show my girlfriends. We formed a regular group and still meet today! I then began coaching more and more women who were struggling in their lives and who had no clue there was another way. As my clientele grew, I realized that there were so many men and women who had heard about this law, maybe had read some books or saw a movie about LOA, but were struggling with how to apply this and other laws to their everyday life.

I have since founded my company Becoming Awake, LLC and the Meditating and Manifesting Mamas Project to be of service to many of these people. The Law of Attraction Network is my way of taking this material to an even larger global audience so you can connect with the Universal power within you.