Tap into your inner wisdom with these guided meditations…Forest Meditations

Discover your strengths, power, abundance, and love. Release any limitations that may hold you and allow yourself to relax deeply as a soothing voice guides you. Feel the good vibrations within you. Reconnect with forgotten parts of yourself. Reawaken your dreams and experience new realizations.

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Forest Meditations Includes:

    • Introduction: How to Use These Meditations
    • Observation: Simple meditation to reconnect
    • Mountain: Tap into your Inner Wisdom
    • Expansion: Feel the expanding, evolving You
    • Abundance (part I): The forest provides for everything
    • Abundance (part II): Continue the forest journey
    • Raising Your Vibration: Feel the good vibrations in you
    • Wounded Place: Make friends with forgotten parts of you
    • Opening the Door: Get to the other side of fear
    • Jumping Off the Edge: Take that big leap forward
    • Untangling: Get Unstuck by Helping Others
    • Seeing the Sacred: The Universe is in everything
    • Intuition: Trust Your Inner Voice
    • Forgetting and Remembering: A process of knowing and not knowing

Forest Meditations consists of 14 tracks/mp3s, created to take you on a relaxing journey of reconnecting and tapping into your Inner Wisdom. Rita Desnoyers-Garcia’s clear and gentle voice will guide you with imagery rich meditations designed to help you access peace, abundance, and love in your life.

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