Coaching/Channeling /Energy Work

You can learn how to create everything you want in life.  During our coaching sessions, I will help you stop working against yourself and put your energy into creating what you truly desire.  Always in a kind, supportive and loving way, I will help you to shift your perspective so you can stop making the same mistakes and easily attract what you need.

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What is Becoming Awake Coaching?

Many women go through life feeling that it is a daily struggle. Most of us feel low-energy emotions throughout the day such as: Stress Sadness Feeling tired all the time Anxiety Overwhelm Hopelessness These are just a few of the low-energy emotions we feel on a daily basis – if only for a few moments. […]

How do I get started?

Begin your life-changing journey today. I offer a  “laser coaching” session so you can be sure it is the right decision for you.  Coaching sessions are almost always via phone.  If you find that you’d like to continue with us and work together toward resolving any issues you bring and create the life your heart […]

Basic Principles of Becoming Awake Coaching

I base my coaching on the Universal Laws of Attraction and Abundance. Simply put, these laws state that like energy attracts like energy. Since we are beings made of energy and everything we do, even our thoughts, are energy. Knowing that our thoughts are energy, and like energy attracts like energy (that’s the LAW), thinking […]

Private & Group Coaching

Private Coaching Private one-on-one coaching will help you get to the bottom of the thoughts, habits and behaviors that are keeping you from connecting with your TruSelf and getting what you really want out of life. Done on a regular basis or as a “tune-up” to shift a specific block in your manifestation, our talks […]

Energy Healing Sessions

We are all made up of energy.  We are energetic beings.  Over the years, I’ve had access to feeling more of our energetic make-up and am able to offer energy healing and readings to participants. Energy Healing Sessions include an individual or group of individuals laying down on their backs or sitting in a chair […]

Remote Energy/Chakra Reading Sessions

I have asked and received access to some wonderful energy that I can use to “read” other people’s chakra energy from another location.  I can also send loving and supportive energy that can help others heal themselves. The “energy/chakra reading” is really just me bringing high vibrational energy through me and feeling the energy around […]

Channeling Services

Channeling Services

In 2010, I became very interested in channeled messages from various channelers.  That is, information or messages that come through individuals when they tap into a higher state of consciousness.  I found myself watching video after video, reading book after book.  One day, it was suggested to me that maybe this channeling is something I […]