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Rita's HeadshotIn 2010, I became very interested in channeled messages from various channelers.  That is, information or messages that come through individuals when they tap into a higher state of consciousness.  I found myself watching video after video, reading book after book.  One day, it was suggested to me that maybe this channeling is something I could do for myself.

At first I scoffed at the idea that I could bring inspiring messages to myself and others through accessing a higher state.  Like many other areas of expertise, I assumed this was something only “special” people could do.  I soon learned that not only could I channel messages, that it was relatively easy for me.

By 2011, I connected and started channeling messages and information from a collective of energies called Alexa. At first, I was a bit shy to share this information, but with time, practice, and more confidence, I was channeling Alexa’s supportive messages for other individuals and groups.

Benefits include a feeling of relief, a sense of a large perspective, more options, relaxation, more energy, becoming “unstuck”, clarity, exercises and techniques for deepening skill and understanding, and releasing of old beliefs and stories.

If you’d like to experience the energy and messages of Alexa or to help us to reach others, please contact us!  I will connect with you to give you more details so that you can receive the loving answers and guidance that you deserve.  Also, you can receive daily weekday Alexa messages on our FB page: The Alexa Channel


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Below are some recordings of Alexa being channeled for a group over the last few years.  Take a listen and enjoy!


Alexa- December 12, 2013- “When you feel abundant inside, but you’re not seeing it in your life”


Alexa December 5, 2013- Addressing back pain, new relationships, and feeling like you’re not enough

Alexa – May 21, 2012- “Having Negative Feelings to Have Positive Feelings”

Alexa- May 11, 2012- “You are Loved! Use this tool to shift”

 Here’s what  participants of Rita’s Channeling said about experiencing Alexa in a group:

“A group session with Rita is like hitting the RESET button on life. The wisdom that the group receives is so calming, so loving and so practical that you can’t help but feel like a new person afterwards.

I went to the session with no questions in mind, no problems that needed solving. Yet somehow, when I left, I felt got all the answers I wanted and all of the solutions I was looking for in life. My perspective has changed because of what Alexa said, and I feel like I am starting over with a clean slate.”

-Amy McGlinn, CEO of  McGlinn Marketing, mother of 3.

 “I went to Rita’s event to see if I could get an answer to something that was bothering me. I came away with a lot of wisdom and the power to make a change in a worry-some situation.”
 –I. Ghosh
When Rita/Alexa speak, what appeared to be a dilemma is made Lighter, easier, clearer, and manageable. What seemed murky, scary and formidable is not any longer.”
-Kathy Kirk – Creator/Founder Applied Spirituality
“As Rita began channeling I felt strange, it was energy going through me, that’s the only way to explain it. I let her know what difficulties I was dealing with, in a nutshell I had self doubt. Can I handle the new business that I manifested? I was feeling a little insecure as well as overwhelmed. On Friday I put it out there(in the universe) that I was ready to jump back into my work, by Monday I had concrete leads, clients who had reached out to me who were ready to move forward. During my session with Rita, which was done by telephone conference, I began to tremble as I heard her words, her advice. Without going into too much detail, by the end of the conversation I felt focused and confident that I could handle not only my business but other areas in my life where I was feeling unsure. I can’t explain it. I know what I need to do and that does not intimidate me any longer!”
Upcoming Events:
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10am March 29th (Tuesday) 2016 LOVE Speaks TELECONFERENCE: Higher Wisdom of “Alexa” from the comfort of your own home!

Price: $20.00
10am January 26th, 2016 LOVE Speaks TELECONFERENCE: Higher Wisdom of “Alexa” from the comfort of your own home!
Price: $20.00
7pm January 11, 2016 LOVE Speaks: Channeled Wisdom of Alexa Event at Wellspring Health Collective in Maplewood, NJ.
Price: $20.00