Energy Healing Sessions

We are all made up of energy.  We are energetic beings.  Over the years, I’ve had access to feeling more of our energetic make-up and am able to offer energy healing and readings to participants.

Energy Healing Sessions include an individual or group of individuals laying down on their backs or sitting in a chair while I call in high vibrational energy that comes through my hands and is directed to the 7 main chakras of the participants’ bodies.  I focus on the crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.  Sessions may include sending high vibrational energy to those locals, sweeping energy, removing energy that is no longer useful, smoothing energy, and augmenting energy.  I may be able to feel blockages, get messages, or other information that is helpful to an individual or group. 

At times, I use tuning forks, music, or essential oils to enhance the session.  If done in a group, I would start on one person and then move to the next and return back as needed to complete the session.  I would also send energy to the whole group.

Participants may experience tingling, waves of energy, heat, chills, or not much of anything unusual.  Sometimes people see colors or other images.  At times, people report getting insights or feelings immediately or shortly after a session.

Here’s what some participants are saying about this energy work:

“Doing an energy clearing with Rita really helped me to let go of some old stuff, stuff that I didn’t even realize was there until it came up in our session. (She was able to find things from my past that I still had feelings about, but hadn’t thought about in years!) She made the whole process feel super easy and safe and I experienced a real transformation afterwards.

Rita is a very giving person and has a really powerful gift of connecting with people and helping them clear energetically.  I am looking forward to future sessions with her!”

Stacey Houghtaling, Coach
The Balance and Sense

“The power of Spirit flow beautifully out of Rita’s hands and heart leading to positive changes in my life.”  – Mark Riesenberg, Transcendental Mediation Instructor, Business Coach, Author


If you’d like to schedule a private energy session or join a group session, just contact me.