Remote Energy/Chakra Reading Sessions

I have asked and received access to some wonderful energy that I can use to “read” other people’s chakra energy from another location.  I can also send loving and supportive energy that can help others heal themselves.

The “energy/chakra reading” is really just me bringing high vibrational energy through me and feeling the energy around a  person’s chakras.   I start with the Crown chakra and work down to the Root chakra.  Sometimes I also feel the energy of the hand and feet chakras.  When I do this, I get information in the form of words, bodily sensations, physical resistance and so on.  Sometimes I’ll ask questions and get some more information.  Many times I’ll get numbers referring, most often, to specific ages of a person’s selves.  In other words, when I start to read, I’ll get information that I’m reading a person’s 12 year old self or 25 year old self.

My feeling about this at this point, is that the dominant energy that the person is carrying reflects the energy they had at a specific age(s).  This makes sense for two reasons: 1) we are carrying unhealed wounds with us from the past until they are healed and we tend to perceive and move through the world through these wounded selves. 2) when we are ready to “review” and let go of a wounded area, it temporarily becomes part of our present energy field.

How Energy Readings are beneficial

Many times we are walking around in our lives with feelings we don’t know we have or understand.  Therefore, they can be really hard to release.  Energy Readings help a person identify many feelings, where they originated or grew from, and what work or steps are needed to let go of these feelings that no longer serve him/her.

We are coming into an age in our collective history where we are reuniting with neglected, dismissed, and unloved parts of our selves.  We are making our way into the Age of Reunion or Oneness.  The Readings help a person to reconnect with these different parts or selves, represented by ages, that are getting our attention.  They are looking for love, support, understanding and compassion.  They are looking for us to give them what they couldn’t get from others in the past.  Ultimately, they are looking to integrate into us.

Can you forgive yourself or others for past hurts?  Can you have compassion for yourself and others?  Can you find peace within yourself?  This is the work that is born from an Energy Reading.

Energy Reading gives you a path to Reunion and the Evolution of You.

How Energy Healing Works

At the end of a full session, after I’ve cleared what I can from the reading, I then sit and focus on sending loving and healing energy to all the chakras of all the ages of a person.

Sometimes someone can feel the loving feel immediately in some way. Other times, to have a more conscious experience we ask a person to sit quietly and receive the energy of the reading and healing and see what unfolds.

How do you “receive” an Energy Reading or Healing?

Once the energy is read and/ or “healed”, I notify the person.  If we are in the same room, I let them know in person.  If the reading is done remotely, the person will be contacted as per our agreement.  You’ll be told when the energy was read, what ages came up and need to be brought in for the receiving, and how to receive the energy.  Also, how long you have to receive the energy.  Usually up to 24 hours.

For instance:

Hey, Mary!

I just finished reading and sending you energy today at 2:45pm.  You have until 2:45pm tomorrow to “pick up” your energy.  To do so, I recommend getting quiet and still for about 20-30 minutes sometime with in 24 hours and say to yourself or out loud “I allow for the highest and purest vibrational energy from Rita Garcia to come through me.  This energy is for the good of me and of all.  All other energy will be blocked, and go back to the light”

Mary, I picked up the following ages: 4, 12, 34.  Please do your best to bring in your 4, 12, and 34 year old self when you receive the energy.

When you are finished, let me know if you’d like to process all this.  We can make an appointment to talk.

Attached, are my notes from the reading.  Please refrain from reading them until AFTER you pick up the energy.