Release and Reclaim: Beyond the Law of Attraction

Transformation happens when you face what you fear, let it go, and live from that new place.

Release and Reclaim focuses on this key to transformation. For 4 weeks, participants will be learning and experiencing various release techniques within a group setting. Each participant will be paired with a “buddy” from the course for support, reflection, and practice weekly. Also, each participant will have weekly exercises to experiment with and incorporate for maximum benefit.

This course is for those who are ripe and ready for change, are willing to feel some temporary discomfort of going places that are new, and are open to seeing life from a different perspective.

Here’s what participants are saying:

“I spontaneously decided to try out tonight’s release. It was the most powerful release I have ever done, even more than with my therapist after a devastating forest fire, and subsequently a car accident. Anyway, I started with clearing one thing, and many other emotions came up. I kept trying to ask permission to let go, and more things came up… It was an incredible break-through.” Nina – mother, aka Executive Concierge

“I truly appreciate you and the commitment you demonstrated to the small class.  So, the ‘wow’ factor for me started before I experienced the classes, results, or shifts. Added to that, your expert facilitation led to a wonderful growth experience for me, and the ‘wow’ factor became ‘WOW!!!’ I cannot thank you enough. I am grateful for having been a part of this class.” Ellen Smolko, Business Coach-Sultant


If you are ready to release what no longer serves you and reclaim your unlimited power,  join us!  If you are not sure this is right for you, please don’t be shy.  Connect with us via email 

Price: $300.00