Want to tap into your Innate Intuition and actually use it?

Do you find yourself getting intuitive “hits”, ignoring them, and then regretting it later?

Would you like to create your personal or professional life from your powerful intuitive gifts?

If the answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, then

Practical Intuitive Living and Loving (PILL) may be for you.

This 6 week teleconference course includes:

How to define and use your intuition in practical ways to solve and move through everyday situations from the mundane to the profound.

Clear simple steps to tap into your intuition anytime, anywhere

How to overcome obstacles to accessing and using intuition

How to increase your self-esteem and therefore build upon your powerful intuitive sense

How to recognize and face the fundamental “misunderstanding” about who you are, so you can create a life on a foundation of love, peace, abundance, and joy.

Practical Intuitive Living and Loving (PILL) provides you with strategies, techniques, and tips to improve upon your intuitive sense as well as a safe supportive community of fellow intuitives for sharing of experiences, discussing obstacles and breakthroughs.

Want an adventure of growth, deeper meaning, synchronicity and miracles?

Join us  either on January 12th at 10am EST OR January 13th at 7:30pm EST for the 6 week course.

The Investment of $250 includes :

the 6 week course, 

daily community support, and

individual coaching, as needed, at a reduced price.

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