The Compassion Course : Becoming Your Own BFF

There’s so much intensity going on right now.  Politics, world events, relationship issues, parenting struggles, inner confusion, health issues, general stress.

There’s a desire to make a lot of change in the world and also a huge fight for everything to not change at all.  Can you feel it?

You may be feeling…

  • Helpless
  • Hopeless
  • Angry
  • Anxious
  • Afraid
  • Outraged
  • Confused
  • Deceived

Believe it or not, there’s a way to shift so much of this within you.  But, it’s only through moving through it.  It sounds really uncomfortable, dreadful, and probably impossible, but I know from self-experience and listening to the experiences of others that it’s totally doable and even desirable.


The best thing is- it changes everything.


You get to learn how to move through all of it and come out with a sense of more freedom, power, love, and light by facing your darkest places.  How?


It sounds cliche but if you can’t have compassion, especially for yourself, you will always be fighting the world and the world will  win (only 100% of the time.)

Also, Acceptance.


You can’t accept what’s going on?  Then, you fall victim to your life.  Acceptance is not about staying the same- it’s about facing what is so that you can move through it and have you and the world shift.

Lastly,  Integration.

This is about putting it all together so that you can see the brokenness and love all your pieces.  You will be allowing the light come through the cracks.

Altogether, you get The Compassion Course: Becoming Your Own BFF

Six weeks, 1.5 hour weekly classes, unlimited FB secret group access to talk, share, ask, answer, explore, show support and access to private coaching as needed.

We start as a small group where everyone gets an opportunity to listen and share.

Your investment is based on what feels best to you.  What investment of time and money will get you to class, have you appreciate and apply what you are learning, and stick with it?  That’s your magic number that you can invest weekly, once, or periodically as you get it.

“Rita’s Course, Becoming Your Own BFF  is life changing. It is for spiritual warriors who provide the willingness and courage. The Course provides focus and structure. Rita provides wisdom, world class coaching, and compassionate/loving spot-on Intuition. The Facebook group is essential for sharing, breaking down egoic barriers, and forming community. When you’re ready. Don’t hesitate.”

-Kathy Kirk, Founder, Applied Spirituality (


“Before taking this course [The Compassion Course: Becoming Your Own BFF], I was feeling lost, out of path, overwhelmed by life and dragged by it. After two years feeling like that, I started taking Rita’s course. It was like being taken by the hand back to where I was whole and centered, and full of love. It is a course that takes you to the deepest parts of yourself with simple exercises, so you can become at peace with yourself, and present. It is a very clear and helpful course, and I had a constant feeling of being accompanied and taken care of through the constant process of becoming myself. I can’t but be profoundly grateful for the opportunity of taking this course.”

-Diana Luna, mother, healer, actress


“Rita’s course is for anyone who has never had the complete opportunity to be at ease with themselves due to how they were raised, and no matter if they feel they were abused in childhood or not.

For those who were significantly abused in their earlier years, traditional therapy, appropriated applied and worked by the individual, offers much healing and insight for those experiencing depression and feelings of hopelessness and/or rage.

However, traditionally therapy often can be light, or even non-existent, in the area of self-compassion. It’s wonderful and necessary in the course of recovery to understand the past, the power we typically didn’t have to change things, the triggers and weaknesses that arose due to abuses inflicted upon us, etc.,

Self-compassion is a essential step in holistically going further in recovery, in learning to be gentle with ourselves (and thereby eventually others as well) without being overly sensitive or self-absorbed or maudlin.

Rita’s Compassion course brings to the forefront this very important extra element that aids recovery, insight, and healthy emotional balancing. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling frustrated, trapped, or emotionally unbalanced due to feelings of unworthiness.”

– Richard Carl Askins


“I  highly recommend this course, because our well being depends on the degree of compassion that we hold for ourselves, which will translate on how we relate to the rest of the world. Rita is very intuitive, loving and offers very good advice and great exercises to go deep within and heal ourselves one step at the time.”

-Marina Castilla, mother

Want in?  Contact Rita to get started.  Have some questions?  Contact Rita and we’ll set up a time to talk and see what’s right for you.  No pressure, no judgement.