Why Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to access the Source that is in you and everything else in the world. It is that Source that gives us unending abundance, peace, love, well-being and whatever else you feel y ou are lacking in your life. The more you meditate and get in touch with that Source, the more easily you can access those things you feel you are lacking.

Meditation is also something that everyone thinks they should do and knows is good for them, but most people don’t do it regularly or don’t know how to get started. I know, I’ve been there.

Sitting quietly and being in the moment is the best way to begin. Know that you don’t need to devote hours and hours to your meditation practice – just a few minutes a day will do.

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Once you begin to practice regularly, you will probably find that you:

Feel better physiologically:

Sleep better
Feel more energized during the day
Have a stronger immune system (get sick less often)
Experience less anxiety
Have better air flow to the lungs – able to “breathe easier”
Less muscle tension (usually in shoulders and back)

Feel better psychologically:

Feel more self-confident
Better concentration and focus
Improved memory
Deeper connection with loved ones – more fulfilling relationships
Less worry and “what ifs” running through your head

Grow spiritually:

Fine-tune your intuition
Feel more at peace during the day – even when you are not meditating
Better able to slow down and observe more often, rather than rush and react to the world around you
Be more accepting of others, of what life throws your way, and of yourself
Helps you learn to forgive
Helps you to gain enlightenment

Please contact Rita with any questions you may have