A Simple Guide To Recovering From Rejection: How To Swiftly Pick Yourself Up And Get On With Your Mission

Recently I created a workshop series that I was really happy about..  It had all the right elements for a particular target audience and I was excited for people to join the workshop so they too could learn what I know and apply it to their lives.  I put it “out there” and waited for the enrollments to roll in.  They didn’t.  No bites, day after day and week after week.

No one was interested.

This has happened before and I always blamed it on price, so I offered it for “pay what you want” and …silence.  Nothing. Nada.

This is a bit of a nightmare scenario for business owners- especially ones who are new to the game, because it plays into the story that no one wants your service.  It is the belief that what we have to offer is of no worth to the world and therefore, you are no worth to the world.   


You can keep going down that “woe is me” road and I encourage you to do so.  It’s a dark place to explore and here’s how to do it:  First, look that belief squarely in the face, and spell out all the fears, insecurities and sadness that it brings up, emptying all of it out onto the floor.  Then, love the one who believes it and holds on to it (that’s you).  Love yourself for feeling scared and insecure, love yourself for not knowing what to do next and for feeling angry.  Keep loving yourself.  If you stop,  you’ll never get past it.  It will always be in the background, driving you in an unhealthy way because it is about fear of being exposed as unworthy.

I used the silence around my offering as a teachable moment.  Here’s what it taught me:

  1. Silence is not rejection.   I can only guess why people didn’t respond to my offering.  Any sense of rejection I feel is totally about my beliefs about me and not about the motivations of others.
  2. This is a signal to go within.  Any reactions/feelings on my part are asking to be looked at.  Am I sad? Frightened? Angry? Depressed? Give compassion to those parts who feel that way.
  3. Here’s an opportunity to rethink my marketing approach.  I’m not marketing expert but I know people who are.  When things crash, it could be time to ask for help instead of taking on the whole burden myself.

Think about it:

How we react to what happens is what makes or breaks your business.  Are you paralyzed with fear when things go wrong?  Are you stuck when hitting a wall?  Use it as an opportunity to tend to parts of yourself that you tend to neglect and grow from it.

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