Consider This…About Change

Whether you believe it or not, life is constantly in the state of change. Nothing lasts forever in the physical world. It is all temporary here in the physical.

So, change is really natural, if not, necessary for life to happen.

It may feel scary or bad or unwelcome, but it really is all good.

The problem may be your relationship with change. How you feel about it? If you’d like to be able to handle change with more grace and peace, you gotta start making it your friend.

Experiment: Take a change that is happening in your life and take a moment to see how you feel about it. Does it excite you or frighten you? Write down your feelings about it. Then sit and close your eyes and put your hand over your heart. How are you feeling? How does your body feel? Breathe through your nose into your lungs and feel your body fill up with the air. Exhale through your mouth making a whooshing sound- like the ocean. Keep breathing in and out and let your body relax. Feel the space where your hand is over your heart. Allow yourself to feel your Higher Self in your heart. Allow that feeling in your heart to travel your entire body. When you feel your Higher Self present, bring in this change. What’s your relationship now with that change? As feelings and thoughts emerge, write them down if you like. Then return back to eyes closed and hand on heart. Ask your Higher Self to see this change from his/her point of view. Listen for feelings and thoughts. Write down anything that comes up. End by giving gratitude for the wisdom and clarity that arrives.

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