Consider This…About Doing Things Differently

Some time ago, we took a family trip to the Barnes Foundation outside of Philadelphia. It showed some of the most important impressionist artists of all time- Picasso, Cezanne, Matisse, Van Gogh. I realized that this could pose a bit of challenge for my 3 children. The 8 year old would be fine, but the 6 and 4 year old. Not so sure.

As I decided to “pre-pave” this excursion where everyone is fine- especially me, and as we were nearing the doors of the building and going over “the rules”- no running, screaming, singing, or touching, I thought “this is kid Hell. How will my little ones have any fun in this place?”

Shortly into the main gallery, my youngest is showing signs of boredom. “Old Rita” would make this scene into one of slow self-torture. I would feel trapped, victimized by this plan. I would start planning my apologies to the strangers who were disturbed by the noise, the crying, and so on. I would get angry at myself for agreeing to this whole trip. “New Rita” decided to stay calm and remember that I can create this the way I want it to be.

Immediately I went into “connection mode” with Higher Self. I began to focus on being present and have compassion for my children and myself.

And something amazing happened. I got an inspired idea. “Let’s play ‘I Spy'”. I told my youngest. We’re surrounded by painting with lots of colors and shapes and objects and people. Perfect for this game. I started “I Spy, with my little eye, something with the color green.” My youngest enthusiastically chimed in “Something green….hmmm..there it is! My turn…”

The whole experience was transformed. He was happy- we found a way for him to experience the art, I could sit with him and actually look at the art, and my husband could explain the art to my girls.

When you get “connected” to your Higher Self, you allow yourself the power of inspiration. You can transform your experience. You can do it differently because you are being different in that experience. You create it from a higher place.

Experiment: You are connected always, but often we cut ourselves off. We pinch the hose of inspiration when we are in an old story or in a negative state. If you are finding yourself in a situation that feels negative to you and you want to experience it in a new way, you want to allow yourself to feel a connection. Just thinking a better feeling thought will help allow you feel the connection. Becoming present aka not jumping ahead, not interpreting your situation, and just seeing it for what it is. Find that peace inside. Close your eyes, if you can, and take some deep slow breaths in and out. Ask for help internally or say to yourself “I know there’s an easier way here for me. Please show it.” Then, look for it. Not with desperation, but with confidence that it will itself.

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