Consider This…About Your Desires

Most of us can list stuff that we want in life. Happy relationships, money, meaningful work, good health and so on. But, why do we want it?

What is the result of having all these things? Happiness? Security? Freedom? Confidence?

Take some time to sit with why you want what you want. See what emerges from that contemplation.

How do you want to feel as a result of bringing these people and things into your life?

The answer to that question is the key to you having it right now. Focus on feeling the way you want to feel right now. Don’t wait around for the stuff to come your way. Why wait? Don’t you want to feel this way right now?

Here’s a secret: If you can feel the feelings you want to have as a result of the stuff you want to get right now, those things (and more good stuff) has to come your way. The great thing is, you won’t need them to happen anymore. You’ll be feeling so good and having such a great time, you’ll turn around and say “Hey, that’s the stuff I wanted. Here it is. Look at that.”

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