Consider This…About Your Life Right Now

If you are not happy with you present life, I bet you that your life is so much better than you perceive it right now. I guarantee that you are overlooking some really cool stuff because you are focusing on what’s “going wrong” or “not happening.”

How do I know this? I spot it because I got it. So many times that I have found myself in a dark place or in a rut or just feeling like life was not treating me the way I thought it should, I realized that my life, the way it is right now (and before), was pretty darn good.

Just having shelter, clean water, and food puts me in a category of the population who have it made compared to most of the world. Not having to worry about being attacked, bombed, or wounded in cross-fire, makes me appreciate the safety and security that I have. Having friends and family who care, good health, and happy children are invaluable parts of my life that I treasure- when I’m not focusing on the stuff that’s lacking.

Experiment: List all the good stuff. From fresh air to having transportation, from clean water to a smiling child. List it all and know that there’s still more. Focus on the good stuff you already have and you will not only feel so full, you will only let it the good stuff that is yet to come.

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