How To Embrace Success (Hint: It’s Exactly How You Embrace Failure Too)

We have a tendency as human beings to forget that things are temporary and changing all the time.  We witness this in our clients and family and friends, but sometimes, as business owners we completely forget that our present situation, whether good or bad, will shift and change simply as a matter of being part of life.  As a wise man once said, “This, too, shall pass” – that pretty much sums up the impermanence of life.


For many of us, change can feel frightening– it is unknown– even if it means something better for us.  Here’s why it’s important to remember that everything is up for change


  1. Remembering that everything is temporary keeps us focusing on the present. If you’re upset that your marketing for your program is losing money, you can forget that this may be temporary or that you can change strategies.  Although you will torture yourself projecting into the unknown future, the future itself is not here- it’s not in existence until it becomes the “now”.  The only power you have is to focus on what is happening now, even as you may be planning for what may be coming down the road.
  2. The ever changing flow of life allows us the opportunity to let go and move with life. Hanging on to programs that don’t excite you because you’re afraid of what you will create in their place will drag you down.  If you’ve ever tried to hang on to what is or was, you know what I mean.  The “good” and the “bad” will come and go.  Let it.  More is coming to focus upon.
  3. Shifting situations are also opportunities to let go of labels of what is “good” or “bad”.  Our present interpretation of what is good or bad for us can change on a dime when more is revealed.  Losing a client may lead to one or two who are more of a match.  A loan from a friend may be more complicated than you first thought.  Resist the urge to judge what’s going on and this will keep your energy reserves high and able to handle what comes next.

Is it uncomfortable to realize that everything can change on a dime?  Well, take comfort because this, too, shall pass…


Think about it:

Are you forgetting that things change?  Are you enjoying the impermanence of life versus fighting against it?

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