Why Darkness Is Necessary To Strengthen Your Light In Your Coaching Business

So many of my clients are dealing with darkness or shadow issues right now.   They are observing the dark parts of themselves that have been hidden away, repressed, suppressed and denied.  These parts are emerging to create resolution.  We’re seeing it in the world as well.  Public figures who have not resolved their shadow issues are seeing them exposed.  The public is shocked, enraged, depressed by the revelations.  Believe it or not, this is all great news.

Hear me out, exposing the shadow or darkness is not pretty nor fun.  It can be really painful for all involved and you can’t unsee what has been seen.  Having said all that, there is no shortcut to bringing more light into the world other than allowing the darkness to emerge, be seen, and be exposed to our light.  In that process,, we build our light muscles.  We practice the process of watching parts of ourselves; the parts that are afraid, judgemental, jealous, enraged, depressed, defeated, manipulative, fake, hoarding, insincere, corrupted- emerge to be seen.  Once seen completely, without judgement and with compassion, there’s an alchemy that happens.  These parts integrate with us.  They become allies.  They create more compassion within us and for others.  They are essential for us to shine our light more brightly.

When I first started creating my business I had some dark issues around making money offering spiritual services.  It was not obvious – it was definitely something lurking in the shadows.  I couldn’t name it because I was afraid of looking at it.  The more I ignored it, the worse it got.  It was a big saboteur in my business.   It had to get to a point where I was sick of it.  Completely sick and tired of running up against this unnamed thing that was stopping me.  It’s been a long journey and it’s not over, but the more compassionately I look at this part of myself, the more light I bring in.  I don’t see this part as a naughty child that sits in the corner, but as a consultant (paid consultant) who tells me what’s going on inside me.  I hear all the stories of shame or hypocrisy or violation that the scared part of me  feels if she charges for such sacred work.  I hear her fears, I see the legacy of this belief in my family and society.  I hear about what could happen if I do charge for my gifts.  It’s been a rich (pun intended) process.  I feel more balanced in my approach and have tried different models of exchange; straight fees, gifting, bartering, sliding scale, pay what you want.  Each one has had unique challenges and rewards.  Each discovery is an exercise is bringing more light into the world and into my life.

Think about it:

Can you welcome in the parts of yourself that may lurk in the darkness?  Can you shine light on parts that you have avoided, dismissed, or banished?

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