Why Overcoming Business Fears and Keeps You Moving Toward Success

A few months ago I was about to begin teaching my weekly online class and the new video conferencing platform I was using was not loading as it usually does.  The class  was starting in a few minutes and nothing I did made made the video conference work.  Panic!  This is what I feared most; using technology and having it not work at the most inconvenient time.  What was I to do?

We all hold fears – that’s part of being human.  However, if we don’t face these fears in some way, they become so strong that they start to manifest physically in the world.  Fear is energy of resistance to something.  What we resist, persists.  The more we resist (or fear it), the more energy we give it and we end up creating the exact situation that we fear most.

This situation forced me to admit that my fear of technology was creating more trouble for me than I wanted.  I had to let  go of my anxieties, unless I wanted to  create more problems for myself and my business.  This snafu  also allowed me to face that I had fear around admitting to others that I fumble with technology- a blow to the idea that as a coach, I have it all together (ha!).

Luckily,  after I explained to a  person in the class  what was going on, she helped walk me through another way in and I got everyone to join me on another video conferencing site.  Having this technology blunder  helped me to face what I feared and come up with solutions that were not based in fear.  In the end, I was grateful- I got to experience  the “nightmare situation” and survive, understand more of what I had been hiding from myself, and stay curious about how to move through sticky situations without shame.

I know you have some fears about business.  We all do.  How are they holding you back?  What can you do to face them and free up the energy that keeps you stuck in fear?

Think about it:

How are your fears about yourself or your business keeping you stuck?

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